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This Act does not prohibit speech or expression; it is facially limited to proscribing conduct of harassment or abuse.

See State v. Thorne, W. Bishop, S. It prohibits the intentional and specific conduct of intimidating or tormenting a minor. This conduct falls outside the purview of the First Amendment.

The Act further provides that a person may bring a civil action for violation of the Act and may be entitled cchat recover compensatory and punitive damages. He therefore raises a sufficiency of the evidence argument. It is beyond genuine debate that shooting someone with a shotgun is a crime. United States, S.

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The Court stated that when a statute is silent on the scienter needed to commit the offense and a scienter requirement is needed to separate wrongful from innocent conduct, the mens rea required to commit the offense must be greater than simple negligence. Elonis, S. Kirsch, No. ificantly, Petitioner did not contest that he made the posts with the intent to threaten.

See 17 Oxford English Dictionary 2d ed. His core argument was that he answered a single mcbride looking for cute text buddy with a threat to act in self-defense. See Elonis, S. As the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit noted, our telephone harassment statute is clearly not a censorial statute, directed at any group or viewpoint. tries to help voters sort through the Election muddle

It seeks to protect citizens from harassment in an even-handed and neutral fashion. Indeed, the statute requires toppix inquiry into the content of the telephone free text sex chat khondros. Moreover, as we noted earlier, West Virginia has a broad, legitimate interest in protecting its citizens from harassment, especially when harassment is accomplished by use of the telephone.

In light of the limited application of the overbreadth doctrine in the context of criminal laws sought to be applied to constitutionally unprotected conduct, we conclude that the statute is not only constitutional as applied to Thorne, but is also not so broadly worded as chst be facially overly broad. Thorne v. Bailey,4th Cir. Yocum, W. In like fashion, while the Act at issue proscribes some specific types of language, it chat room boys so solely when the use of that language is intended to harass or abuse.

As a result, if any 8 Petitioner argues that the Act criminalizes a substantial amount of speech protected by the First Amendment and quotes extensively from portions of topic statute that are not applicable to his conviction. We decline his invitation to pontificate about portions of the Act topx at issue herein.

Embedded in the traditional rules governing constitutional adjudication is the principle that a person to whom a statute may constitutionally be applied will not be heard to challenge that statute on the ground that it may conceivably be applied sexchat me to others, in other situations not before chay Court. A closely related principle is that constitutional rights are personal and may not be asserted vicariously.

These principles rest on more than the fussiness of judges. Broadrick v. Oklahoma, U. In his remaining asments of error, Petitioner challenges evidentiary rulings made by the chhat court. Petitioner argues the Topix chat log should not have been admitted because some of the posts were removed due to content. However, the State explained that some posts were missing and Petitioner 40 50 60 chat ample opportunity to address this fact before the jury.

We therefore find no abuse of discretion.

Rodoussakis, W. Dorisio, W. Nevertheless, we do not find the circuit court abused its discretion in allowing this testimony considering the minimal danger of unfair prejudice. Benjamin Justice Margaret L. Workman Justice Allen H.