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Sex chat pincher creek, alberta in

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OOPsAM Turns out none of these rams may have been registered, apparently, subsistence hunters do not require registering of such kills if they do not meet the definition of "trophy" for that WMU. Six of these rams were shot within 1 mile of each other. Even the largest of the rams harvested that would make seven rams which was confiscated may not have met ontario mobile adult chat definition of full curl.

Apparently the rams taken by the New orleans adult chat may also not have met "trophy" criteria, therefore chay not require registering. One can only guess how many more were taken as apparently, these rams do not require registering. The CO in Chxt Creek may have answered exactly what you asked for.

At any rate this unregulated harvesting should have put a good dent in the sheep population in WMU this year. My guess its been this way for 30 years chhat the last Granny sex chat kabanji and Crockett ram in wmu was shot in taken by a subsistence hunter who would have guessed!! Try calling three different officesAM From the sounds of it you'll probably get at least two different answers RackmastrAM Well This is from the Mongol chat Regulation: Requirement to report and chzt wildlife 1 This section does not apply with respect to wildlife possessed under a zoo permit, pincger game animal production farm licence, a wildlife rehabilitation permit or a research creek.

Possession of wildlife not legalized 1 Nothing in section 55 2 c ii of the Act or, subject to subsections 2 and 3in this Regulation authorizes the possession a of the skull of a dead male sheep over the age of one year if i the skull has been altered, ii an eye has been removed, or iii a horn has been removed, unless it is a trophy sheep and in that case until after the skull of the trophy sheep has been delivered to an appointed officer in accordance with section 2 ccreek, The way I read these sections say that all persons have to register them.

If you were to call and get conflicting stories, its always worth asking for the legislation so you can ask yourself. Officer was telling me there sitting ducks for poachers or subsistance. He said a few of the rams were pretty big, not sure if they were book but there hanging out within m of easy access no hints from me incase certain types are checking this site. I have not seen any further report of this in the news.

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Its already leaving the radar. Hunter, there are more issues above subsistance hunting and poaching in this area preventing sheep from surviving. Its hard to watch the sheep herd crash but so many zex are involved. Subsistance has its impacts but i still think habitat issues and access are the main problems. I am afraid sheep hunting may soon be a thing of the past for normal citizens in the area.

To me, if we need to shut it down hunters, and subsistence chat rooms for loneliness everybody to keep the herds from being completely decimated, its worth it. Conservation first, then maybe it could re-open once the province gets its picnher all sorted out.

Sorry for being negative but it has to be considered. RackmastrAM Turns out none of these rams may have been registered, apparently, subsistence hunters do chat with locals require registering of such kills if they do not meet the definition of "trophy" for that WMU. Are you sure about the registerring thing? It was my understanding that all rams had to be registered When you say it turns out that none of the rams have been registered, are you talking about the ones found with their he cut off random live sex chat just sustinence rams?

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Pincber course the ones with their he cut off wouldnt be registered I'm sure I'm confusing what you're talking about as the poached rams cant really be compared with sustinence harvests. Just always thought that all rams had to be registered That would be ironic wouldn't itAM Getting the wmu closed to hunting just because vhat couple of ethical and concerned hunters took it upon themselves to find out why so many mature rams were dissappearing during the winter months.

If it weren't for these guys no one would have known any better and nothing would have been done icebreaker message introducing yourself stop crwek. This same situation happened in WMU even a draw couldn't protect these rams from excessive poaching and subsistence hunting. As bad as things pincer I think the spot light has been put in the right spot and maybe future sheep management practices will put greater emphasis on protecting wintering sheep.

Rackmastr My understanding is that all do save for lambs shot as chatting horny websites. Yep thats what I thought as well I've always heard they had to be registered I'll have to do some checkin now to confirm this BossAM "If" it was subsistence hunters, why would they just take the he?

Does'nt make any sense.

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You would think they would free yankton chat rooms the whole thing if they were looking for meat? What proof is there that it was in fact subsistance hunters!! Maybe a guy should take a drive out to P Creek or the Pass with a pair of binoculars and snoop around the trailer parks for redneck trophy hunters!! Trev from what speakeasy chat been told, a treaty status hunter in alberta can go to town on anything, without limits or regulation, other than the basic firearms laws.

I would think that the park can stop hunting their altogether if they so choose. Oh well maybe there should be chages in that law At least from what I under stand we don't have many around and the wolfs from what I gather arn't helping. There were three shot shemale video chat December and two shot in January The he and capes were the only things taken.

It says nothing about subsistence hunters doing any of the shooting.

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The first incident occurred around Dec. The bodies of all the dreek were left but the he and capes of the rams were taken.

The cape is the cape of skin around the neck and the shoulders of the animals that is used by a taxidermist when the animal is mounted as a trophy. Then Jan. People who think they have information can phone the report a poacher line at It may be part of a chain of events that could help identify those responsible. They are asked not to and, once again from what I've been told by the COs there, the small pincheer treaty indians that actually hunt in WMU respect the request and do not take any mule deer.

Grandzilla, WMU is not a provincial park - it is a provincial recreation area and allows many activities that are not permitted in provincial parks - including hunting. Its compounding variables on creek population. There has been no indications those five were shot by any specific group, thats just some dirty good for nothing poachers. Other sheep in the area however have been taken "for food".

It's just some took the meat with them as well in cerek name of subsistance. What about the other 4 ramsPM No mention of the other four rams taken in on winter range by the lazy slack ass subsistence hunters who are not ethical enough to leave these sheep alone on their wintering range who knows how many countless others have been taken under subsistence hunting hunting rightsno mention of the rams taken off the same mountain sex kannada chat yearsand WHY because no one raised a stink about it.

It x rated snap chats get to the point where these sheep wintering areas will have to become off limits too all the public when the animals are on winter ranges in December. The main road in this area runs through 3 zones, and along the east edge of the mountains and extends from Waterton Park north to Mill Creek and is wintering area for senior ladies search chat sex This road is maintained by Shell and used by Shell employees, contractors, ranchers chat room for ipad the public.

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I oincher not have any problem seeing the access road that go through this winter late night text or chat friend closed to the public after the general hunting season in November. The problem is easy access. I was up there today and saw many different groups of people spotting up in the grassy slopes and also heard a few rifle shots between Beaver Mines and the ski hill. There were some guys who obviously looked like they were hunting but at least were spending time in deer habitat at least sxe acceptable for filling the freezer.

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Still frustrating to see so many people up there, i saw more sex chat in bangor full of pincherr than the average day in September. I'm sure most were just out for a drive and looking for animals kind of like anyone would when out hiking or what not. Didn't pincehr any Co's either, maybe it was my luck but it looked as though there presence was less than the past few trips out.

Noted a few vehicles but they moved on after spotting the mineral licks up there.

Not sure what they were looking for Good news is the snow is getting deep and as of this evening it would take a lot of work to extract any critter from the mountains. KanonfodderPM Good job on that if you did, my question is why you would cresk a thread from such a long time ago to tell us this fact, do you by chance pinchre an agenda? There were 7 confirmed sheep kills on those mountains down in WMU pinher November to mid Januarynot about 7, definetly 7, one was shot with a win, remington brass not winchester brass and it was a legal subsistence kill ceeek is absolute Bull SHi.

Facts a fact. Well, what was it? It's bad when the legal harvest of full curl rams is only 25 percent of the total known sheep harvest from WMU The legal harvest percentage could be much widow chat room as subsistence hunters do not have to register their sheep if it does not meet "trophy" criteria according to SRD. Three gates were needed to prevent poachers from accessing the area, one gate was installed but access by motor vehicle remains unchanged.

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Shell agreed there was a problem and would of foot the bill to close the ro during winter months but they needed SRD approval, the poachers are using Shell ro to facilitate poaching. Apparently 9 trophy Rams were taken out of the Westcastle area, near the ski hill. I used to hunt that area and not once did I ever see 9 trophy rams in one day.

There are good rams up there but not in ificant enough s for that many to be taken so quickly. Someone knocking off a few sex talk whitefish falls, ontario nude or moose throughout the year would seem to be legitimate subsistence hunting.

Dragging one's ass up and down mountain slopes for a chance at a ram is far from subsistence hunting. Sheep carcasses found without he is poaching. Too many rumors and not enough info from the province, nor controls in effect to monitor legitimate subsistence hunting. Monitoring the wildlands, especially the mountains requires a huge work force. Unfortunately it is impossible to put an end to poaching due to the terrain, costs, and the potential for greed in some of our fellow citizens.

Anyone know if charges were laid? Or did they end up getting away with it? I seem to remember some ewes where shot and kearney nebraska xxx chat as well nothing taken. I understood they had le but i never heard if they caught the scum that did it. It was on TV, in the papers, i remember being fairly angry about the whole ordeal.

I was evansville seksi chat in WMU for a late season cow elk hunt and remember having a chat with the fish and wildlife officers about it. We were recording all licence plates and vehicle descriptions in sheep country when out ice fishing or hiking last winter.