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Contact me! Comments Off Posted by Letitia Looking 4 friends with benifits condition. Mutual chat around me simply. We've got all kinds of patterns that we're gonna visit in some of our books today. So we're gonna go ahead and get started with rownship book called the game of patterns and this is by her.

I love these books.

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They're so much fun. So basically, I'm gonna flip the s. I want you to find a friend and play the game of patterns. There are no answers in this book friends, so the person who spots the most differences wins. They're my favorite. Alright if you guys.

Want more time inspiring the difference. I want you to go ahead and pause the video yownship any time on anygo ahead and take as long as you would like to find the difference.

Alright and then go ahead and play me again. Do you guys see the difference?

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And these patterns are they're persian chat in the same order. I think I see gownship few differences. If you guys are all ready to find the differences here we go difference.

The sunshine is cut out so this is almost exactly the same as this right, but there's some differences. The mooon is out here and the sunshine is filled in right here Right.

Let's move on to another difference. What about the colors of these circles? What do you notice about the?

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Of these circles, they're the same, but they're flip flop right good job. If we move down here, we're gonna move down here as well. What difference do we see here?

Are they different colors? They are alright friends now we've got a smiley face and what's this. Oh and if we go up here what's different than this one?

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What's missing? That example, if you spotted any other differences that I didn't point out, go ahead and let me know in the comments below.

So I can learn a thing or two. Here's our second.

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So remember this is exactly the same as this with a few differences right. I see one already go ahead and pause me if you're not ready for some answers yet. Mon bumps on this one are way higher right, good job and right here. What's the difference? Android here. I'll let you chat room boys it's plaid here and stripes there so the pattern is different right.

The colors are the same and the shapes the same, but the pattern is different. Right here we switched directions right so they're flip flopped.

What chwt this guy here? The difference is sexting without registration a squiggly line coming out of that exhaust pipe. It kinda looks like it's too huh. Contact About Seeking a WHITE woman with a good head on her sholders First, I am seeking a white woman with a good head on her sholders, or with her priorities in line. I would like to find a nice woman between the ages I am 27, I work a fulltime job and I seek no real chats from anyone.

I have my girls who want to have sex chat transportation, my own home, my own income. I am looking for someone who wants a serious relationship, that could possibly turn to engagement, marriage, retirement, home, and laying beside each other in the ground.