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This one size fits all fresh water regulations coming out uh from a team in Wellington. The rally was organized by farmers, Lori Patterson and Bryce McKenzie, who called on the crowd to ignore the new reforms to tell us all about it. We're ed now by Paterosn Patterson. Good morning Lori.

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It's not just farmers is gonna affect the whole um rural community in the. Regions um you know horny chat online rio limon of the service so there's of businesses that do to farmers and then as well as that is that the output of the year. Farmers want clean uh green image because that's how they sell their produce. If you are forced to do this is there any discussion in around and you mentioned the smell to the uh isn't there a hazard sitting on the banks of the river uh waiting to you know happen.

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You know that sort of thing has to be cleaned up. Also, Oh absolutely and farmers aren't um I'm cleaning persepolis chat up um and.

You know, we say that you know we we're doing a lot of work in that area uh well. It's dating room very successful one running in the just over the water um and it's patereon actually taking the initiative with uh like environment and to actually sit down and learn about the rivers and what we can do to improve things.

One on health we've been one on here to taste the water rights and um and and we've been on trips, which is a fancy word for of course um and we've implemented a lot of those things. We have taste the water on a regularly and we're actually below the um what the um for not being good at it. So we're below that. It is and if we can be some stuff which we're doing, we actually learn jackson mississippi porn chat there here we can actually fix things so as well as that um gooms taken the voice and we shut the and breaks down the hill uh not paterso the hills.

Uh we've met the whole my son's down there and he's got some areas where areas and anonymous help chat electronics so it plays into the um fertilizer. cchat

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So even if the machine stops working um he's free chat exeter this year this year, so it really stops run off. I can tell you chaat you've gotta have a big tractor and he's got. We've got Hamish and all his mates and listening to this. How much have the waterways improved. You've done a lot of work there and because you know.

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Urban centers have uh duty waterways as well, just tell us how much you've you've done all this work how much they've improved chat gay video looking at the future? I just saw a thing of the day that she just about all the waterways in New Zealand have improved from where they started when I started doing uh and it's only a few years ago.

It's an vhat going and more of these things and and Like if I stop that farmers wouldn't actually call the things cuat stand up, That's what they're planning in the river. You know I mean it's gonna be going on and on and on that farmers will fooms to actually do that because we should've got a taste of the thing there and um farmers want to have cleaners like everybody else and the city free social chat rooms city clean.

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I don't think it's about the roms urban versus rural. I think that's where farmers are going wrong and trying to blame people for saying that they say this.

So I think you need to identify here so you got why patrrson you being heard everything You've just told me sounds like if everybody's doing what Lori Patterson is doing on his farm, then that's to me remarkable program. And there's only hitting in one great direction. So why isn't the minister and these scientific types? chat rooms qld

A school spokesperson said additional details would be released later. paterson hall slutty babes Quinn

Uh gay teen chat online, I think they've just got a really um and uh like farmers where they asked to um for um you know to put in patersoon what do you call it? You know we put in things for um for the um to give you a point of view, I think submissions. A special advisory group the sit up and if you read the transcript of uh the regulations, most of what they do, you ignore it as well. So you tell me really why would you put something in?

It's totally unworkable. These guys not know geography that is not the same as it was kilometers apart. Yeah, that seems to be one of the big bad isn't it. It's not a one size fits all it can't be how how can it be or two?

Are the same and NO2 are the same thing, but they're all different so and they need to be treated differently and yeah and roos people at the um you patersoon that used to be you know the thing that's all those fancy doesn't seminars that they need to be given a priority to do things they could make changes is that they need to or find chat to be run from uh he's office in Wellington or something.

Roims I think we've also gotta be careful free text sexting numbers there's a hell of a lot of support uh for farmers who uh around the country now most New Zealand as I would say recognize who is gonna get us out of the DoD.

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