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Kids are improving and clubs are being set up to nurture all abilities and ages. There was so much potential in Hawick with lots of talented locals. With support we can bring this to NB.

There may even be Scottish pump track racing. The potential from beginners to pros is unlimited.

Since the track opened the skill level at every age group has greatly improved Hawick urban bikers hub Pump track club Through club membership you will not only help support the running of the track but also get the opportunity to attend club sessions seeking new friends in local bbw chat the track will be open only to certain groups with access to help and coaching by qualified coaches in general riding, and in the future specialised pump track coaching sessions.

Some of the sessions we are thinking about are Balance bikes with provision for transition to pedal bikes moving to little cyclists, skateboard and scooters, big track beginnersintermediate and advanced riderwomen and girls and also the opportunity for parents who just fancy a shot without the. We are open to any other suggestions so please feel free to let us know.

Membership costs per annum.