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Now if you where wondering, yes I am a roleplayer and roleplay on a lot of different games.

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What is Roleplay Haven?

Now if you where wondering, yes I am a roleplayer and roleplay on a lot of different games. Tease me all you want, but roleplaying reduces my stress as well as helps with my other mental issues I have.

I do it as a hobby and a coping mechanism for stress. I have seen my share of weird crap, but Overwatch roleplays seem like a new level of weird. Anyways, onto the actually story!

It was at this time that I decided to check out some Custom Games since you can always count on the Custom Game creators to either give you a good time with awesome workshop games or weird you the hell out with weird chats. ed the server and it was these two chat in, could only guess they where maybe from 8 to 12 judging by their more amateur rp skills.

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So I ed in, stuck around a bit, asked them what the dhat was about. They told me, I screwed around a bit in the server, then these two kids just randomly start fighting eachother in rp.

One kills the other, then that person somehow comes back to life, turns into a God and basically rps that they destroyed the world. Godmodding in the rp community is the act of basically giving your character God-Like Abilities or making them marry american girl to be killed.

On top of that they also just power played which is another no go when rping, Powerplaying in the rp community is the act of fighting unfairly in an rp such as instantly restoring yourself, healing your injuries every time you get injured, and making moves Not those kind of moves. So after that magic school rp catastrophe that I simply refused to be part of, I left and scrolled anyone care to chat 33 aberdeen 33 the Custom Game Browser again.

Bored I decided to hop around RP Servers and see what kind of random crap goes on in them. So I will just try to give just enough detail to give you an idea of what went on without going from PG to X.

So basically what happened in this one rolepoay a bit… Interesting and somewhat disturbing really. So I ed, chose Reaper because of course I did, then went to where everyone else was in the server to see the action up close.

I left too quick to bother reporting anyone though, so yeah. I am either just deathly curious or deathly stupid, but oh well. African chat room me. Va De-mekked. They where nice and welcomed me, so at least they seemed to be a chill bunch unlike the other two rp servers. Outro That be the end of my weird as hell adventure screwing around in rp servers, just because I was stupidly curious as to what RP on Overwatch looked like.

There are a very select few games I will rp on, Overwatch is not one of them even though I would love to actually RP as Reaper for once.

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Anyways, chatting up a girl for reading and hope you found these stories somewhat amusing if not totally cringe inducing. If you ever RP Server hopped on here roleplxy the hell of it because you where bored and seen some weird crap as well, feel to share your stories.

Once again this is not a topic to talk crap about roleplayers, since I myself am a hardcore veteran roleplayer and have been roleplaying on verious games for a rather long time. It roleplwy just to talk about some weird crap I seen when I decided to take a peek at the Overwatch RP trade chat nude. Have an awesome day everyone and keep the replies non-toxic and fat-free!

That was the good part and you just skimmed over it.