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More teens addicted to social media, prefer texting to talking Facebook's popularity has plummeted among the young, the survey also shows. More teens now say they prefer texting to talking to other people in person, and they admit smartphone apps are waking them up at night oher distracting them from homework, the survey by Common Sense Media shows. How kids feel about social media use Sept.

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Ways to show affection without having sex.

YouthLine • A teen crisis helpline with teen to teen support

Birth control. Sexual orientation heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, queer, etc. Emotional consequences of sex.

Sexual violence: rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Identifying a healthy and safe sex life. How alcohol and other drugs affect decisions.

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How to Talk Without Alienating Your Teen Often, your teen may seem unapproachable or extremely uncomfortable when talking to you about personal issues such as sex and sexuality. Consider these ideas to encourage open conversation with your teen: Be clear about your values. Before you speak with your child about sexuality, think about what your values are.

What do you believe? What does your faith tradition say?

Start early. Own your own feelings. Welcome questions. Explore facts versus beliefs.

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Sometimes, factual information can challenge a personal belief or what a faith community believes. This can provide an opportunity to make sure that your child has best sex chatroom accurate information and hears what your values are relating to it. Practice what you preach. Young people often find it confusing when parents talk about a value regarding sexuality and then act in a way that contradicts that value.

Being a good role model is a powerful message. That includes having a conversation — not just talking at them. Find out what they think and how they feel about toher and relationships.

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cht Encourage a sense of pride. All children deserve to be wanted and loved, and you can reinforce this message. When your children share feelings with you, praise them for it. Correct misinformation gently, and reinforce your values whenever possible. Talk about reasons to wait. The decision to chat local singles free sexually active is too important to be based on what other people think or do.

Discuss othed to handle pressure from others to have sex. Leave age-appropriate articles or books about teenage sexuality around your home. Teens will pick them up on their own to read them.

Keep your sense of humor! Sexuality, in most aspects, can be a joyful topic. Remember to keep your sense of humor throughout conversations with your. Your first talk with your teen regarding sex should not be your last. Talk about sex on an ongoing basis.

Let your teen know young chat room you are always open and willing to talk about any questions or concerns they may have. Reviewed by: Nancy Brown, Ph. Last reviewed: December