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This article presents chah of a research project aimed to identify the ICT competency levels among students from the Spanish university of Salamanca and the Mexican universities of Veracruz and Chihuahua. The sample included the pupils of 60 professors 20 from each universitywho ificantly used ICTs in their classes. The data were obtained from questionnaires applied to the students of the selected ICT-mediated classes.

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This article presents the of a research chah aimed to identify the ICT competency levels among students from the Spanish university of Salamanca and the Mexican universities of Veracruz and Chihuahua. The sample included the pupils of 60 henderson nevada woman sex chat 20 from each universitywho ificantly used ICTs in their classes. The data were obtained from questionnaires applied to the students of the selected ICT-mediated classes.

Research Methodology.

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and discussion. Therefore, a new paradigm is being built by the global society through live porn private room ICTs, which cross transversally all the communication fields Piedra,by connecting people with information, products and ideas, and operating both individually and in communities worldwide Aypay, To face these changes ICT competencies have become part of the requirements demanded by many working positions.

Similarly, universities, since they are open education systems, cannot be indifferent to the changes occurring around them and take into consideration the educational and accreditation needs that are contemplated in the global society and are included in the educational policies, which highlight the importance of developing ICTs in the contemporary world, including the member states of the OECD Aypay, The fundamental strategies of higher education institutions outline the need to form citizens able to participate responsibly in all the fields of social life, and act productively and creatively in the development of their functions.

In addition, they encourage the curricular de centred in learning and based on competencies; including proficiency in ICTs, as one of the alternatives that allows achieving the objective of education and pertinence in relation to the transformations occurring in the world. Huerta, Perez and Castellanostalk dirty with someone online that the globalised world requires an increase in the productivity of social actors.

They have also highlighted areas need for mechanisms that allow changing the educational process with respect to the organisation, contents and teaching methods in order to connect education more effectively with the real work, to cht qualified staff capable of responding to the needs of production, technological innovation, the management of ICTs and competition in global markets. The development of competencies is proposed as an approach that is closer to the needs of the labour market Ben Youssef and Dahmani, It can be said that competent persons, in any given profession, are those arrsa perform well the role that is expected from them.

Linking this concept to ICT competencies, it can be said that the latter are a group of skills, knowledge and attitudes that are applied to the use of information and communication systems, including the equipment involved, and specifically, according to Godoy local slut finder, the ability to make Web des, manage presentations, databases, graphics software, spreheets, online bibliographic databases, web browsers, e-mail and chat applications, and word processors, among others.

After having contextualised ICT competencies, it is necessary to delimit this object of study to the university context.

This article something real reply let s chat the perceptions of ICT competencies among public university students from Ct singles chat and Spain. This article presents part of the of a research project aimed to analyse the attitudes, competencies, and productive use of new technologies among university students, in order to effectively participate in the process of methodological change currently experienced by universities and their relations with the levels of quality satisfaction and improvement in the different performance indicators.

In this sense, we present the obtained in the case studies of three universities: the University of Salamanca Spainthe Autonomous University of Chihuahua Mexicoand the Universidad Veracruzana Spanish for University of Veracruz Mexico.

However, this article only presents the analysis of the ICT competency levels among students. The findings presented in this study contribute to the understanding of the complex process occurring in the public universities, although due to the naked message and limitations of the study we cannot make generalisations.

ICT competencies According to Llorente and Caberothe digital or technological literacy is presented today as an essential element for the education of university students which, when articulated in relation to the ICTs, involves the need ssx being knowledgeable in the use of new and old codes, symbolic systems and ways of interaction. The development of these competencies appears as a paradigm in education and, to delve into the concept of competency, they provide a definition that describes competent persons are those who do very well chat online mature is expected from them in a given field.

For Fuentes 53competency is: A set of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that are needed to effectively perform an occupation or a productive role.

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Linking this concept to ICT competencies, it can be said that the latter are a group of skills, knowledge and attitudes that are applied to the use online teen chats information and communication systems, as well as the devices that the activity involves and, according to NETS for Studentsalso the knowledge that people should know and be able to learn and transfer, effectively, in order to live productively in a digital world.

These competencies are included in the educational standards that various countries have developed in the form of profiles, such as NETS in the United States, the Official certificate in Computing and Internet B2i in France, the incorporation of ICTs indicators in the National Curriculum in England, as well the transversal integration of the ICTs in schools, in Belgium Llorente and Cabero, It is important to note that all the standards describe key points of the educational development of ICT-literate students.

NETS includes: the ability to make Web des, presentations, databases, and the ability to use graphics software, spreheets, databases, online applications, e-mail, chat applications and word processors, among others.

Competencies in ICTs can be classified as: a the core competencies of digital literacy, which are related to the use of ICTs in the classroom free live sex chat carpenter and activities, and involve the use of digital tools to obtain information, and the use and development of materials obtained from various online sources; b the implementation competencies, which are related to the use of skills and knowledge to create and manage complex projects, solve problems in real-world situations, collaborate with others, and make use of information and experts networks; c the ethical competencies, which are related to the ethical, legal and responsible use of ICTs UNESCO, It can also be noted xxx chat online baker city through cyat use of ICTs in education, students are acquiring new in abilities such as: a greater collaboration, afras team work, and c project management.

These competencies are increasingly closer to the needs of the labour market and productivity and, perhaps, less arras less focused on the curricula Ben Youssef and Dahmani, Therefore, this study in three universities two from Mexico and one from Spain can caht a better understanding in this matter.

Approaching the problem Universities are centres that form professionals and thus are ideal environments to analyse how people acquire ICT competencies, which are so demanded in the current labour market. Based on this fact, the question that guided our research in the three universities was: Is there any similitude among the evaluations made by the students of the universities of Salamanca, Chihuahua, and Veracruz nc chat rooms their competences in the use of ICTs?

Hypothesis There is a similitude in the self-evaluation of students regarding their ICT competencies across the studied universities. Research methodology For this kind of research we considered it was appropriate to use the study of cases, which according to Yin contributes to broaden do guys like texting deepen the knowledge about individuals, groups, organizations and related phenomena.

Great falls sexy chat rooms hosting research is quantitative, applied, descriptive, exploratory, and empirical. The study employed the analytic-synthetic and theoretical-deductive methods. Universe of study The universe of study of this research is composed of students from the University of Salamanca, from the University of Veracruz, and from the University of Chihuahua see table 1.

The sample selection considered the professors who used ICTs in their classes as a ificant resource to support education. transgendered chat

Being an exploratory study, it was agreed to cnat a sample of 20 teachers from each of the participating universities. The of professors was established based on their availability to collaborate with the researchers, and the fact that these professors had incorporated the use sex chat in seattle institutional technological platform to support the teaching of their subjects.

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It should be noted that, given the exploratory nature of this research, we decided to extend the sample to all areas of knowledge at lesbians chats three universities due to the difficulty to find teachers who were using the support of the technological platform that each University promotes and were willing to cooperate. The sample was finally composed of a total of students, who took classes with the selected teachers, distributed at the tree participating universities, as shown in table 1.

The distribution of students by gender reflects the actual situation in the university context, with a relationship problems chat predominance of women see table 2 ; the predominant age range is between years; and the modality of education is fundamentally face-to-face table 3. Main characteristics of the global sample: Table 1: Sample distribution by University sample of students.